V is for Venue

We set a date! 1 March 2014 . Still seems so far. Now all that remains is to find the perfect venue.

In the past weeks I’ve probably contacted over 20 venues. Every time I think I’ve found the perfect one there is something that I don’t quite like or it not big enough or the Menus are too expensive.  The whole exercise can be draining and I’m in the process of drawing up a spreadsheet comparing the venues which I will post later.

V is for venue….but right now it feels like a vendetta which I hope will soon be a Victory!

Things to take in consideration when planning your date and venue:


Like with holidays Wedding Venues only work in seasons. High Season is typically from October – April. Low season (cheapest) June – August and Mid season would be (May & September)

Days of the week

Midweek weddings are cheaper than weekend weddings and some venues offer a Sunday discount as well

Inclusive venue versus hiring a hall?

Read the function package carefully – some venues include only the basic items and you still responsible for extras such as decor , barm staff etc on top of the expensive venue fee. If you hiring a hall way up the cost of hiring all the additional items or consider a caterer with their own equipment.

I found this article that you might want to read for more information on choosing a venue.http://thegazetteonline.co.uk/choosing-a-wedding-venue/ So that’s about it for now. Good luck with the venue search ladies and gentlemen … until next time.


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