Wedding Friday with guest DIY Bride: Top 6 tips for a Beautiful DIY Wedding Experience

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SOS! We’re about to give up!” came a frantic email from a lovely couple who needed help deciding whether or not to ditch their DIY screen printed t-shirt-slash-wedding-invitation in favor of a mass market invite kit from a big box craft store. They were in over the heads with a technique neither had tried before yet they had spent almost $1,000 (a large chunk of their budget) on supplies and couldn’t really afford to start over. They were frustrated, worried, and didn’t know what do next.

I get emails like this every week.

Though do-it-yourself weddings have been commonplace for years now, the advent of image sharing sites has ramped up interest (and increased social pressure) for couples to have the hippest, most creative DIY wedding ever. Many couples, seeing thousands of great wedding images and projects on Pinterest or wedding blogs, are…

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It’s his day too! How to get your groom excited about the wedding!


Good morning every body!

Today’s post will feature tips and tricks on how to get your fiance excited about planning your wedding. Everyone says it’s all about the bride, but it’s his day too! To make your big day as special for him as it will be for you, throw in some special details he will truly remember!

So you’re newly engaged, sit down with your new fiance and find out what’s most important to him. My fiance is incredibly laid back and even he had some input. One thing almost all men will want to participate in is the food tasting. What man wouldn’t love a day filled with sampling amazing food. This is the easiest way to get a little excitement out of your future husband. Talk with your caterers and set up appointments to sample food and make sure to bring your man along.

Another great food…

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Stunner Thursday: Bridal Market NY: Trends

DIY Scroll Wedding invitations

Today at work a colleague of mine and fellow bride to be showed me a beautiful scroll wedding invitation. It was lovely and very similar to the image below. She then proceeded to tell me where I could have them made and how much it would cost…..R40 each. Yikes and im looking at 80 guests. Not everyone will be single so lets say 50 invitations max. 50 invites @ R40 each is a whopping R2000. That’s just for invitations!

I took a closer look at the invite and I told myself …this I can do myself, just as beautiful for half the costs.

I found a very easy tutorial on this website.   Go have a look!

Ordering a wedding dress from China

As things start to fall into place I’m becoming less stressed and I seriously can’t wait anymore to get married.

The dress I am loving at the moment is the Maggie Sottero Jovi which will probably cost in the range of R10 000 – R20 000.

I recently went to the Livingspace Bridal expo presented by the Foschini group where we got the to see , touch, feel the dress samples they had brought with.

I must say that I was shocked when I saw the price tags and even more shocked when I checked the label of a designer gown and to my dismay it clearly stated MADE in CHINA!!!

Which brings me to the topic of my post. With the advances in technology you can order something from practically anywhere in the world with the mere click of a button.

Would it then be safe to say if a world class designer trusts the chinese to make her dresses I should maybe consider that option and maybe save a rand or two?

There are ethical issues to consider too. The poor chinese labourers are underpaid and overworked and one could compare it to slavery. However it would be crazy not to try it out and have designer ABC charge you a ridiculous amount for a dress that you could pay half price for and it just wouldn’t have a designer label in the back.

The reality is that there are horror stories of dresses gone wrong and there are also positive reviews of people who had beautiful dresses at a fraction of the cost.

I really would like to try this option so I have been doing some research on various bridal forums. If you have gone this route I would love to hear about your experience and even put up pictures of the dress.

My tips for anyone considering this would be:

1. Research, research , research. Look at reviews and actual pictures of dresses.
2. Read the returns policy carefully.
3. Order before the time – so that if something goes wrong you have enough time to make a plan b.
4. Do fit on gowns before deciding on a style you like. What looks good on a picture might not look the same on you.

I do hope you find your dream gown and I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time

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Handy websites!

Hi everyone.

I’ m so sorry for not blogging more frequently.  Things have been crazy. I’ve gone through phases and stages, chose venues and then fired them again for various reasons.

When you are on a tight schedule with little time to spare the Internet becomes your best friend.

So here are some handy websites that can help make your life easier.


This website  was recommended  to me. No more searching for suppliers. Toodu matches suppliers that they have screened to your request and you get a response from different companies within a short period of time. It’s not only useful for wedding related searches but for everyday task like finding a gardening service etc.  With this website I was put in touch with various photographers, dress-maker, venues and caterers.

Little Pink Book

Every guy has a little black book….. The Little Pink Book is an online and printed directory of wedding suppliers throughout SA. They have the option of contacted different venues simultaneously which makes your job so much easier.

Southbound bride

A website dedicated to South African weddings . Inspiration and ideas.  I really enjoyed the story of Lizeth and Danie who had a beautiful beach wedding which didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Well that’s all I have time for today.

Happy planning!