My chinese wedding dress experience continued.

I made contact with the dark side. I contacted a chinese online dress shop called dressilyme. The name sounds super dodgy because if u break up the words it sounds like dress silly me? Well they seem to have gotten the most positive reviews so maybe its worth a try.

The great news is they can make the dress I want for $149(R 1296.30) That sounds like a great deal. I can also get a veil for about $11(R95.70) and postage will be about $50(R435) If I want them to make a custom sized dress add an extra $15(130.50). Everything added together will give me $225(R1957.50)which is not a fortune.

Its fairly easy to set up an account on their website and then you can start communicating with them. My questions have been answered by someone called Paris. She is extremely helpful but bear in mind that English is not their first language so try to make your questions very basic and simple.

She informed me the dress I’m looking for is not in stock and will take 20 – 25 days to make. Then also allow about the same amount of time for shipping. If you going to consider this you need to do this at least 6 months before your wedding.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to go this route but ill definitely keep you informed on project wedding dress from china.

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