DIY invitations



I just love DIY projects and with the amount of freebies available on the net you have no excuses. I recently made invitations for a colleague and my sisters 21st birthday party using very basic programs such as microsoft publisher, photoscape and picmonkey which is very easy to master and the best thing is that its free!

If you are more advanced you can download a free photo editing programme similar to photoshop.

Here is how I created the film strip used on the 50th birthday invitation.

Open photoscape.  Choose the combine option. Drop in as many images as you want. You can choose to combine image down, sideways or checker images (I selected down). You can also choose canvas size. I then clicked on frame and chose Film 01 .

photoscape 1

Now Click Edit and you will be taken to a different screen as seen below.


I changed my image to Sepia. Other options are black and white , inverted negative and grayscale. Then click save and give the image a new name and Voila you have a new picture!

Then you can use publisher to create your invite. I hope you are now inspired to make your own invites as well.

Until next time…
Happy Planning




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