Chinese Replica Dress Comparison –

Hello brides to be.For those of you that has been following my blog for a while you probably know that I have been considering buying a replica dress. I contacted two companies based on reviews and images and I asked them to send me pictures of the actual dress they made.

Maggie Sottero Jovi (original)                    Dressilyme                                              TP Bridal

dress comparison                     
Maggie Sottero Jovi (original)                    Dressilyme                                              TP Bridal


The first company I contacted is (middle pic)The standard dress is currently selling at $149 so if I roughly convert the currency it works out to about R1500 . On top of that you need to add shipping which about R600 and if you want a veil and petticoat that can be another R300. So we looking at a total of R2400. Since the dress is from overseas you will have to pay customs tax as well. I’m not sure if it calculated in courier costs (they use DHL) or if this is an additional cost. My concerns with this replica was that the fabric used does not look as thick as the original dress – but for R1500 what can you expect. I’m also concerned that the dress looks very white, you cannot see the accents but nevertheless its still gorgeous.

The second company is called TP Bridal and they are on Bid or Buy. (picture on far right)Their dress is R3200 its custom-made and you pay an additional R600 for shipping. The material looks like a better quality than the dressilyme dress. I cannot see much difference from the original dress.

I do know that under no circumstances will these replicas look identical to the original dress which costs thousands more but a girl can dream and shop around!

I’d like to hear your thoughts and comments please.

Happy Planning!


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