Something old

We’ve all heard the saying something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Apparently this rhyme appears to originate from England, in an 1898 compilation of English folklore (according to Wikipedia).

However my post today will not be focusing on ideas for your something old. I will actually be revisiting the vintage wedding trend where it is out with the new and in with the old.

The vintage theme is beautiful and has the most exciting decor elements. decor items can easily be found as this is currently the in thing.

Think about bunting, button badges and birdcages. Rustic elements such as glass soda bottles and hearts created from wire or rope. Old porcelain teacups transformed into beautiful centerpieces. A clock , a suitcase, old newspaper or music sheets turned into confetti cones. The possibilities are really countless and all you need is little inspiration and imagination.  I’ve added a little visual inspiration below!

Until next time. Happy Planning!



The last few months

Good day to all my followers and lovely brides to be. We are nearing the 5 month mark and I cant believe how fast the time has flown.  Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and is accompanied by highs and lows but keep the faith ladies it’s the one day you will never forget.

So here’s what I’ve been up to these last two months. A  big sigh of relief as I found my dress! It so beautiful and fits me like a dream. I also ordered a veil from eBay…..hmmmn this will be used as a tea shower lol. NO really its not that bad. I paid next to nothing with free shipping so what did I expect and it looked precisely like the picture so no surprises there.  I also booked my hall, my photographer and video guy. So glad its done. Now I need to concentrate on my invitations, the bridesmaids outfits and other little things.

yes dress

I know I said I was going to order a dress from China but at the end of the day ordering something that you have not personally fit on is a bit risky.  You’d be surprised that styles you would never had imagined yourself in actually looks really good. I never thought I could pull of a mermaid style dress but I did and another A line dress that supposed to suit everyone just looked terrible on me. Just shows you!

I went for my first dress shopping experience at Bride and Co in Canal almost said yes to the dress the first time fitting. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I had a lovely crying session much to my embarrassment. I put the dress on hold but in the end I didn’t take it because…. the next week I went to the Bride and Co in Mitchells Plain and then I found the ONE!

It seems like Bride and Co is the David’s Bridal equivalent in South Africa as the style numbers match.  Below is a picture of the dress I almost took which I found on David’s Bridal website using the Bride and Co Code.


Right now you are probably bursting with anticipation wondering what dress I bought in the end. Im sorry you all will have to wait just a little longer when I post my wedding pictures. For now I hope I’ve left you inspired and full of hope that you can plan the most beautiful wedding. I will try to post more frequently and keep you all updated.

Happy planning!