14 Stages Every Bride Goes Through

Hi Everyone

I hope you are still sane. I’ve only have 5 more months to go and have lost most of my marbles already. As its Friday and we getting ready for the weekend I thought I’d share this funny post I found on wedbook.com. This really made me smile and made my day.

Wedding planning can drive you crazy but in the end its all worth it. I’m getting excited for my big day and I hope you are too…

14 Stages Every Bride Goes Through via totallyloveit.com

When He Proposed


When You Told Your Friends You Were Engaged

When You Said Yes To The Dress

When You Found Out Your Dream Venue Was Already Booked

When You Tried To Talk To Your Fiancé About Invitation Motifs

When You Started Your Wedding Workouts

When Your Bridesmaid Told You She Didn’t Like The Dress You Picked For Her

When You Were Trying To Stay Within Budget

When You Were Getting Ready For Your Bachelorette Party

When You Had A Meltdown Over Entree Options

When Your Dad Saw You In Your Gown

When An Uninvited Guest Showed Up

What You Thought Your Wedding Night Would Be Like…

What It Was Actually Like…

When It Finally Hit You — You’re Married!


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