What’s your wedding shoe!

When it comes to shoes I normally prefer comfort as to suffering. I’m definitely not a shoe girl, I do not drool over Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo’s. My choice of shoe normally would be pumps, kitten heels,sneakers or wedges or maybe even slippers. Choosing a wedding shoe can be tricky if you are looking at the abovementioned options. Which led me to a Google search to see what interesting ideas people came up with.   


Something that has become quite popular is brightly coloured shoes , which would normally be the colour of your theme and I also love the idea of the bright All Stars. Just imagine how comfortable you would be. I’m all for comfort, you don’t want to be miserable in high heels that hurt your feet the entire day. Most weddings I’ve been to the bride usually ends up barefoot anyway so maybe you could get away with a pair of stringy sandals instead! Satin ballet shoes are also a option, they come in a variety of colours and the ribbon tied across the ankles look so angelic and fairylike.  I have two pairs of shoes at this stage but I’m not 100% sure yet maybe I should get a pair of All Stars just in case…

Happy Planning… until next time



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