Chinese Replica Dress Comparison –

Hello brides to be.For those of you that has been following my blog for a while you probably know that I have been considering buying a replica dress. I contacted two companies based on reviews and images and I asked them to send me pictures of the actual dress they made.

Maggie Sottero Jovi (original)                    Dressilyme                                              TP Bridal

dress comparison                     
Maggie Sottero Jovi (original)                    Dressilyme                                              TP Bridal


The first company I contacted is (middle pic)The standard dress is currently selling at $149 so if I roughly convert the currency it works out to about R1500 . On top of that you need to add shipping which about R600 and if you want a veil and petticoat that can be another R300. So we looking at a total of R2400. Since the dress is from overseas you will have to pay customs tax as well. I’m not sure if it calculated in courier costs (they use DHL) or if this is an additional cost. My concerns with this replica was that the fabric used does not look as thick as the original dress – but for R1500 what can you expect. I’m also concerned that the dress looks very white, you cannot see the accents but nevertheless its still gorgeous.

The second company is called TP Bridal and they are on Bid or Buy. (picture on far right)Their dress is R3200 its custom-made and you pay an additional R600 for shipping. The material looks like a better quality than the dressilyme dress. I cannot see much difference from the original dress.

I do know that under no circumstances will these replicas look identical to the original dress which costs thousands more but a girl can dream and shop around!

I’d like to hear your thoughts and comments please.

Happy Planning!


My chinese wedding dress experience continued.

I made contact with the dark side. I contacted a chinese online dress shop called dressilyme. The name sounds super dodgy because if u break up the words it sounds like dress silly me? Well they seem to have gotten the most positive reviews so maybe its worth a try.

The great news is they can make the dress I want for $149(R 1296.30) That sounds like a great deal. I can also get a veil for about $11(R95.70) and postage will be about $50(R435) If I want them to make a custom sized dress add an extra $15(130.50). Everything added together will give me $225(R1957.50)which is not a fortune.

Its fairly easy to set up an account on their website and then you can start communicating with them. My questions have been answered by someone called Paris. She is extremely helpful but bear in mind that English is not their first language so try to make your questions very basic and simple.

She informed me the dress I’m looking for is not in stock and will take 20 – 25 days to make. Then also allow about the same amount of time for shipping. If you going to consider this you need to do this at least 6 months before your wedding.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to go this route but ill definitely keep you informed on project wedding dress from china.

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Ordering a wedding dress from China

As things start to fall into place I’m becoming less stressed and I seriously can’t wait anymore to get married.

The dress I am loving at the moment is the Maggie Sottero Jovi which will probably cost in the range of R10 000 – R20 000.

I recently went to the Livingspace Bridal expo presented by the Foschini group where we got the to see , touch, feel the dress samples they had brought with.

I must say that I was shocked when I saw the price tags and even more shocked when I checked the label of a designer gown and to my dismay it clearly stated MADE in CHINA!!!

Which brings me to the topic of my post. With the advances in technology you can order something from practically anywhere in the world with the mere click of a button.

Would it then be safe to say if a world class designer trusts the chinese to make her dresses I should maybe consider that option and maybe save a rand or two?

There are ethical issues to consider too. The poor chinese labourers are underpaid and overworked and one could compare it to slavery. However it would be crazy not to try it out and have designer ABC charge you a ridiculous amount for a dress that you could pay half price for and it just wouldn’t have a designer label in the back.

The reality is that there are horror stories of dresses gone wrong and there are also positive reviews of people who had beautiful dresses at a fraction of the cost.

I really would like to try this option so I have been doing some research on various bridal forums. If you have gone this route I would love to hear about your experience and even put up pictures of the dress.

My tips for anyone considering this would be:

1. Research, research , research. Look at reviews and actual pictures of dresses.
2. Read the returns policy carefully.
3. Order before the time – so that if something goes wrong you have enough time to make a plan b.
4. Do fit on gowns before deciding on a style you like. What looks good on a picture might not look the same on you.

I do hope you find your dream gown and I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time

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