Killing two birds with one stone

Hello again fellow bride to be. If you just got engaged or you still searching for the perfect venue you need to read this post!

My venue search has been a logistical nightmare thus far. The challenge is the following. I stay in Paarl and my fiancé is from Mitchells Plain. We want to accommodate both families and guests but finding midway is not a easy task.

I mention two birds with one stone. Yes you can find your venue and photographer in one go. A lot of the venues I’ve found so far I found through real life weddings on photography blogs. You can get the feel of the venue and also imagine how your day will look like at the same time you get exposed to the photographers style.

Not all of us has all the time the go and view a certain venue and these pictures can give us piece of mind. I found some real treasures that would not even have considered and didn’t find on google. I also found some nice restaurants that do private functions which could work nicely when you have a smaller budget.

How do you find these blogs? I started by looking at friends wedding images on facebook. Usually the photographer adds their name at the bottom of the picture. You can also google wedding photographers. Most of them are on have a facebook page with a link to their blog. I really just wish they would blog more about budget weddings.

I really don’t know why the wedding industry is so secretive. It like if you find a nice venue , you don’t want to tell anyone because they might use “your”
venue. I believe sharing thoughts and ideas will make this industry more affordable and competitive because people will compare, ask the right questions and not just pay the price.

I hope that you manage to find some lovely venues and continue reading my blog for tips. Until next time…

Happy planning…

Handy websites!

Hi everyone.

I’ m so sorry for not blogging more frequently.  Things have been crazy. I’ve gone through phases and stages, chose venues and then fired them again for various reasons.

When you are on a tight schedule with little time to spare the Internet becomes your best friend.

So here are some handy websites that can help make your life easier.


This website  was recommended  to me. No more searching for suppliers. Toodu matches suppliers that they have screened to your request and you get a response from different companies within a short period of time. It’s not only useful for wedding related searches but for everyday task like finding a gardening service etc.  With this website I was put in touch with various photographers, dress-maker, venues and caterers.

Little Pink Book

Every guy has a little black book….. The Little Pink Book is an online and printed directory of wedding suppliers throughout SA. They have the option of contacted different venues simultaneously which makes your job so much easier.

Southbound bride

A website dedicated to South African weddings . Inspiration and ideas.  I really enjoyed the story of Lizeth and Danie who had a beautiful beach wedding which didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Well that’s all I have time for today.

Happy planning!