Ordering a wedding dress from China

As things start to fall into place I’m becoming less stressed and I seriously can’t wait anymore to get married.

The dress I am loving at the moment is the Maggie Sottero Jovi which will probably cost in the range of R10 000 – R20 000.

I recently went to the Livingspace Bridal expo presented by the Foschini group where we got the to see , touch, feel the dress samples they had brought with.

I must say that I was shocked when I saw the price tags and even more shocked when I checked the label of a designer gown and to my dismay it clearly stated MADE in CHINA!!!

Which brings me to the topic of my post. With the advances in technology you can order something from practically anywhere in the world with the mere click of a button.

Would it then be safe to say if a world class designer trusts the chinese to make her dresses I should maybe consider that option and maybe save a rand or two?

There are ethical issues to consider too. The poor chinese labourers are underpaid and overworked and one could compare it to slavery. However it would be crazy not to try it out and have designer ABC charge you a ridiculous amount for a dress that you could pay half price for and it just wouldn’t have a designer label in the back.

The reality is that there are horror stories of dresses gone wrong and there are also positive reviews of people who had beautiful dresses at a fraction of the cost.

I really would like to try this option so I have been doing some research on various bridal forums. If you have gone this route I would love to hear about your experience and even put up pictures of the dress.

My tips for anyone considering this would be:

1. Research, research , research. Look at reviews and actual pictures of dresses.
2. Read the returns policy carefully.
3. Order before the time – so that if something goes wrong you have enough time to make a plan b.
4. Do fit on gowns before deciding on a style you like. What looks good on a picture might not look the same on you.

I do hope you find your dream gown and I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time

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